When Jackie Met Harriet Harman

Labour Conference – Time to Unite

Saturday 24th First day of Labour Conference

Met Jeremy at the South East Reception. He was very charming and despite the fact that he had another 15 or so receptions to go to – he tried to talk and be interested in everyone individually. He was encouraging about the Bye Election and knew where Swanley is. He is urging unity saying that we have more things in common than what divides us. He is urging we work together to bring about change.

When Jeremy met Jackie

The Women’s Conference was very good. They were covering a lot of issues violence against women, equal state pension rights, Reclaiming the Internet, creating workplaces fit for the future. Angela Rayner the Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities spoke about equal opportunities for women and having the confidence to do anything.
Harriet Harman said that Theresa May might be a woman but she is no sister.

Sunday 25th First day of Labour Conference

The mood is for unity and going forward. There were speeches by Jeremy corbyn, Tom Watson and Iain McNichol. Many speakers are saying there is more that unites us than divides us. JC talked about working together from the grass roots up to create a better world. Tom Watson spoke of digital development within Labour Party. Iain McNichol spoke about winning elections and said T May had not won an election yet and we would ensure she never would. He also said that for the first time in a generation the Labour Party was not in debt due to the subscriptions paid by so many new members. JC said we are now the largest political party in Western Europe.
In the afternoon I decided to go to a training session on Community Action and some training on use of Membersnet.
Very helpful and interesting.

Report By Jackie Griffiths
Labour Candidate for Sevenoaks District Council –

Christchurch & Swanley Village Ward

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