Jeremy Corbyn Clapping as his victory is announced.

Labour Party members and supporters have decided

Jeremy Corbyn has been re-elected by 61.8% to 38.20%
So what happens now?

My sincere hope is that those members of the Parliamentary Labour Party who resigned positions as Shadow Ministers will, if invited, return to them. Like Sarah Champion already has. But we should not forget all those new Shadow Ministers who stepped up to the plate like Angela Rayner at Education, who tore the Tories apart on their plans for new grammar schools. Or former territorial army serviceman Clive Lewis who stepped into the breach at Defence. They had a baptism of fire and have come through it with flying colours.

I expect all MPs to unite behind the Leader – they called for an election to the post and he has won it fair and square. I think party members will be very disappointed with them if they don’t. As Barry Gardiner, by no means a traditional left-winger in the Shadow Cabinet said:

we have to fulfil our job and our job here is, as Members of Parliament, to come together as the Loyal Opposition and to fight for the British people against the Government when we think it’s doing the wrong thing. It’s not about anything else…And we’ve got to do it together.

We have shown the way here in Sevenoaks Constituency Labour Party where our meeting to nominate the Leader was, as expected, polite and well-mannered and in the current Swanley by-elections where all members are pulling together to get Labour’s messages across. I hope new members have felt welcomed – though there are so many we haven’t met them all yet!

I can’t improve on the words of one of our new members

On the morning of the EU Referendum result, I felt that I needed go beyond angry posts on social media and actually get involved with politics, so I joined the Labour Party. A month later, I found myself standing up and speaking in a leadership nomination debate for the Constituency Labour Party. Today I have been part of a pioneering group launching the Sevenoaks Labour website, a place for community news and political debate, with a hope to engage anyone and everyone to get involved and make a change in their world, however big or small. I’m short: politics is great and look, another website!

The local Labour Party is larger and more active than it has been for generations – if you haven’t done so yet, please join us and play your part in the politics of change.

Kevin Flack
Chair, Sevenoaks Constituency Labour Party

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