Art work for the Green Revolution Session at the World Transformed Conference

The World Transformed

Environmentum is hosting a session called “The Green Industrial Revolution” at the World Transformed Conference, on Tuesday 27th September at 5.00pm in the Gallery, at the Black E, Liverpool.

Labour has embraced some of key environmental policies; and is advocating a greener, cleaner future.

Labour has also produced what many consider to be its best campaigning video on Energy policy for the 60 million. Here Jeremy advocates many of the policies we have been campaigning for in Environmentum.

In an outstanding article in the Guardian  “Why Labour is putting Energy Reform at the Heart of its Green Agenda” by Jeremy Corbyn the reasons for the urgency of this policy is made clear:

We are on course for a climate catastrophe. 2016 is set to be the hottest year on record. Unless the Paris agreement’s target of limiting the rise in temperatures by 1.5C is met, heatwaves like that in 2003, which killed tens of thousands of people in Europe, will become the norm. And that is before considering rising sea levels and desertification that will sink cities, and kill and displace millions, or the fact that the Earth has already lost half its wildlife in the past 40 years.

In one of Labour’s Rebuild & Transform Britain series of video broadcasts it is stated eco housing:

presents a prototype for the type of housing Britain could build in a green boom. With investment, Labour will ensure we build a million new homes – so that no one is left behind again.

This theme is developed in the next in the series of Rebuild & Transform Britain:

We will be discussing why these are such important steps forward; and how we can build upon it. Come and join us, or follow our webpage and/or  Facebook page for information, up to and during the session.

We believe this will enable Labour to appeal across the political spectrum and win the next General Election. Keep following us to find out why.

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