Swanley Town Centre photo

Swanley Town Council Meeting Tuesday 20th September

I attended the town council meeting last night. The Alexandra Suite was packed to the gunnels to hear the development firm  U+1 talk about their plans for the town centre.

People were not happy – basically the firm is about private profit for the few – and they are not concerned with the people of Swanley & their interests.

People are angry with Sevenoaks District Council for using Swanley to make a profit for developers & their friends. Plans are to upgrade the centre to attract “good quality retail and restaurants” – they repeated this many, many times. As I say lack of concern for people’s worries were prevalent. They answered questions but really kept saying the same thing.

A Labour District Councillor will defend the residents of Swanley and oppose the destruction of our town. With only one labour district councillor at the moment there is not enough councillors to stand up for the residents of Swanley.

It also really got to me that the Developers will pay a levy to the District Council, of which only 25% will go to Swanley.

We have a big job on our hands now. Make sure you vote Labour for a Greener, Cleaner, Safer Swanley.

 Jackie Griffiths

Labour Candidate for Sevenoaks District Council –
Christchurch & Swanley Village Ward.

Vote for Labour Three candidates for Local Elections


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