For the Movement, Not the Machine.

Message From Jeremy

Organising Communities & Transforming Britain

I have always been clear that our members and supporters, neglected for so long, are in fact the key to our election success. Under my leadership, you aren’t something to be feared or sidelined but an enormous resource that can win us the next General Election.

Gone are the days of top down edicts, instead we need bottom up campaigning, rooted in the communities we seek to represent. Empowering politics, that changes minds and wins hearts not transactional electioneering with diminishing returns.

That’s why today I am making a series of bold recommendations for reforming the way our party acts, in particular by ensuring we can train tens of thousands of party members across the country in time for the next election, and become a real organising presence in every community in the country.

It’s my pleasure to invite you to be part of these exciting plans.

Read more about my plans

Labour Organising Academy

The appetite for change in our party and our country is clear. People are fed up with brutal Tory austerity — a political choice, not an economic necessity — and hundreds of thousands are finding their home in the Labour Party. We are once again becoming rooted in every community.

For too long, the views of party members have been ignored and opportunities for members to genuinely shape policy have been sidelined. There is no electoral advantage in returning to those days. Under my leadership, the membership of our party has real power and always will.

To become a transformative party in government, we must draw on the creativity, skills and experiences of all our members. My vision is a Labour Party that makes a practical difference in the lives of ordinary working people.

To rebuild and transform Britain, we must rebuild and transform our party. I hope you are excited by my proposals and will join me on this journey to change our country and win the next general election.


Jeremy Corbyn

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