Homelessness Reduction Bill

With the high cost of renting, high letting agency fees and rental deposits, added to the lack of affordable social housing and housing benefit caps, the visibly increasing number of homeless on our streets (including local parks) should no longer be a shock but it is scandalous. There is very little help for homeless single males and charity only alleviates the symptoms not the problem.This should, in my opinion, be the number one priority for our government and for any citizen with a moral compass today.

On Friday 28 October MPs will have their first debate on the Homelessness Reduction Bill. If successfully passed through Parliament, it will stop homeless people being turned away when they approach their council for help.

Unless 100 or more MPs attend this first debate, parliamentary rules mean that just one MP will be able to kill the bill. And because most MPs work in their constituencies on Fridays, getting more than 100 to stay on at Parliament to attend will be really tough.

Please help by emailing your MP and ask them to attend the debate and support this vital bill.
If they know their constituents want them to back this then they will be more likely to stay in Westminster.
Please sign Crisis’ request for MPs to ensure the Homelessness Reduction Bill is debated.


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