Overgrown Grass Verges

Public Health Hazard

The overgrown verges and parkland in Swanley is becoming a public health hazard. There is a danger of allergens, infections, infestations and fire risks.

The small park area situated in West View Road is one example.

Over grown shubbery

Houses in Willow Avenue have gardens that back on to this parkland which has been allowed to grow out of control. Even when it is cut back the border areas are left out of control.

Last summer there were instances of allergic reactions and chest infections. Hares have been seen in the overgrown hedgerows. This year there are signs of rodent infestation in some of the gardens.

The public use this area to walk dogs – also children and young people use the area (even though the swing area has long been left to become overgrown. The grass has frequently been left to become shoulder high and the surrounding edges have just been left altogether. It is impossible to see if you are treading in any dog mess.

What is the Town Council using our rates for? The town looks unkempt and overgrown and will hardly attract new residents in the state it is in. If the Council intend to clean everything up to attract a new class of commuter residents –why can’t they do it for the residents who already live here now?

The councillors represent the people living in Swanley now – not some mythical community, which they hope to create in the future.

Shame on them!

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