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GMB Ballot At Swanley Council

Monday, August 8, 2016

GMB Ballots Members At Swanley Town Council: Our members can no longer tolerate how they’ve been treated in the workplace.” says GMB.

GMB, the union for local government staff, has begun balloting members employed at Swanley Town Council for strike action over accusations of bullying, intimidation and subsequent victimisation following a collective grievance being raised about their treatment. The industrial ballot will run until Friday, 19th August.  Nick Day, GMB membership development officer, said

GMB members were forced to raise a formal grievance over what they described as a culture of bullying and intimidation that exists within the council. Having registered this complaint, they fully expected to be protected from further action whilst it was investigated. The last thing our members want is to consider taking industrial action, but GMB has repeatedly asked that provisions be put in place to minimise the risk of victimisation once they had raised their concerns and yet nothing has been done. Since raising their grievance, no steps have been taken by the council and further allegations have had to be put forward. Our members love working for Swanley Town Council but poor treatment has led to increased levels of stress and anxiety and has even led to resignations. Therefore, GMB has no other option but to ballot for industrial action. The council must take all steps necessary to protect its employees and to put their duty of care first. Our members can no longer tolerate how they’ve been treated in the workplace.”

For more information:

Contact: Nick Day on 07717 510047 or Andy Prendergast 07984 492726 or GMB press office on 07958 156846 or press.office@gmb.org.uk

Link to : Swanley Town Council on Radio 5 Live Investigates

One thought on “GMB Ballot At Swanley Council

  1. Having seen the way some councillors act in council meeting this is no surprise. STC shame on you for the way you are treating your staff, this makes me thing we are back in the bad old 1980’s bullying, intimidation and victimisation was common place back then I had hoped that we have got past that, maybe not at STC

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