The Marx Memorial Library

The MML was established in 1933, when a group of delegates comprising of Trade unions, Labour party members and Socialist publishers proposed setting up a memorial to Karl Marx on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of his death.

Against the backdrop of the Nazis burning of books in Germany, it was agreed that a library would be set up to save and promote left-wing publications, and over the years this has grown to include books, pamphlets, archives and posters, including the International Brigade’s and print union’s archives.

The MML also promotes talks, films and various exhibitions throughout the year, which are held in the grade 2 listed building at 37a Clerkenwell Green. Tours are also available of the building and include views of the famous mural by Diego Rivera and the office where Lenin published his newspaper “Iskra”

The Library is in the process of digitising many of its collection, and has also taken on the task of digitising all the available records of the Tolpuddle Martyrs, which will soon be available online.

Membership of the Library starts at £10, and no matter what  your political affiliations, gives access to thousands of documents , pamphlets and poster of the last eighty years of socialist literature.


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