Portrait of Councillor Robert Brookbank

Death of Councillor Robert Brookbank

It shocked the members of the Swanley  Labour Party to learn of the death of Councillor Robert Brookbank on the 3rd August.

Robert has been a prominent figure in Swanley for many years, both as a business man and later as a Councillor, representing the people of Swanley at Parish, District and County levels.

Although he has always been our political rival, he always treated us, his rivals, with dignity and respect. He was a formidable opponent.

His death will be a loss to our community.

Councillor Mike Hogg, who served on both Town and District Councils with him, made the following statement:

I have known Robert for many years and have fought against him on numerous occasions. I always found our rivalry to be friendly and good natured, even though we bitterly opposed one another politically.
“I will always remember the kindness he showed my elderly in laws, who lived close to him; and the concern he had for their welfare.
“I last saw him when he sat next to me at a District Council meeting in May, probably his last attendance and despite his illness, he took part in the meeting with dedication and good humour.”
“I shall miss him greatly.”

Our prospective Labour Councillor candidate, Angela George made the following statement:

In the time I served as a Labour Councillor; Cllr Robert  Brookbank  was one of the few Tory councillors I had a great deal of respect for. We were also both members of  SWANLEY WHITEOAK ACTION GROUP (SWAG), where we worked together on many projects.”

6 thoughts on “Death of Councillor Robert Brookbank

  1. In sure he will be missed. My memory of him is as a councillor who spoke up against the development in Archer Way, which was to turn the house next door, owned by T Searles, into two houses creating mine into a terrace. Clearly he disagreed with the terracing which was against SDC policy anyway. He was not afraid to speak up about what was right and wrong, even if it was another member of the same political party. RIP

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