Swanley Town Centre Square

Swanley Town Centre ReDevelopment Letter

Letter to the Chief Planning officer YOUR REF: SE/16/02226/FUL I wish to strongly object to the proposals to build tower blocks on the existing car parks in Swanley Town Centre on the following grounds: The building on 350 new flats will be obtrusive to the existing residents in Berkley Court Nightingale Way. The proposal comes before the Overall vision for Swanley was been completed so … Continue reading Swanley Town Centre ReDevelopment Letter

Swanley Momentum at Jeremy Corbyn for Leader rally at Highbury Islington August 15th 2016

Swanley Momentum Year 1

This time last year I’d got over my truculence in saying I would not vote in the General Election, I voted for Labour for the first time since the mid 90s (yes, I never voted for Blair or Brown) and had then decided I’d probably never vote again. Blissfully unaware at the start of the leadership campaign, I started reading the tweets by Owen Jones … Continue reading Swanley Momentum Year 1