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National Executive Committee 2016 Elections


Swanley District Labour Party & Sevenoaks Constituency Labour Party voted overwhelming to support The Centre Left Grassroots candidates for the 2016 National Executive Elections. We are encouraging our members to read what they stand for and vote for them. All candidates are strong supporters of Jeremy Corbyn, and it is more vital than ever that the leader of the Labour Party is given full support.

  • Ann Black
  • Christine Shawcroft
  • Darren Williams
  • Rhea Wolfson
  • Claudia Webbe
  • Peter Willsman

This year, Labour Party members have the chance to elect representatives to Labour’s National Executive. The Centre Left Grassroots Alliance, representing democratic socialist groups across the centre and left of the Labour Party, is promoting candidates who will stand up for the rights of party members and will support the democratically elected Labour leadership’s progressive policies so that we win over the voters. We welcome all the new and returning members. Each candidate, while retaining freedom of judgment on specific issues, will therefore work for:

An end to austerity

The Tory government, contrary to much media spin, is deepening austerity and plans huge cuts to public services and welfare throughout this parliament. The successful campaign, led by Jeremy Corbyn, against the proposed tax credit cuts shows Labour can politically defeat the Tories on issues of the welfare state. The Tories have merely delayed this attack on benefits, so our campaign must continue. We reject austerity as it cannot solve the economic crisis. Instead of cuts, we will work for a Labour government committed to a plan for public investment and jobs that can get the economy growing, to restore manufacturing and to fund improvements in housing, health, education, transport and state pensions.

A radical reforming Labour Party

These candidates will campaign for a Labour Party committed to:

  • Redistributing wealth, income and power from the few to the many;
  • Ending poverty and improving universal benefits;
  • Protecting the environment;
  • Promoting social justice; and
  • Fighting discrimination on grounds of gender, race, age, class, disability, sexual orientation and religion.

We believe that disputes between countries should be resolved by negotiations through the United Nations, not through unilateral military action, and that Britain and the world would be safer without replacing Trident.

Economic democracy

These candidates will:

  • Promote policies that extend the accountability of public services, utilities and resources through the extension of public ownership, by resisting and reversing privatisation, and by extending democratic and financial powers for local government.
  • Campaign for a radical redistribution of power in the workplace, with restored and improved trade union and employment rights, the right recruit members and to campaign, recognition by employers with negotiating rights and sectoral collective bargaining,  a genuine living wage and for repeal of the Tory Trade Union Act.

Democracy, transparency and accountability

These candidates will:

  • Support the trade union link and back the collective voice of trade unions on the basis of parity of representation with individual members through their CLPs;
  • Work to restore the role of the Party Conference as the party’s sovereign decision-making body,   able to choose policies not just rubber stamp them, and debate motions submitted on the basis of fair criteria, with increased conference time allocated for delegates;
  • Argue for changes to the policy-making process to give CLPs and members greater influence, including the right to amend policy documents at Conference; n Safeguard the right of members to choose their own candidates without prior or political vetting, or interference by party officials.
  • Press for Young Labour to be a resourced campaigning organisation run by young members and their elected leadership, with a full input into policymaking

Ann Black

Anne Black Grassroots AllianceThe Tories are undermining public services, attacking the labour movement and damaging democracy itself. However, surging membership can help us win back lost ground. I am committed to mutual respect as the way to party unity, a kinder politics, a more caring society and success in Scotland, Wales, England and Europe. Labour must build homes, support our councillors, protect the environment, promote peaceful international solutions, and defend pensioners, disabled people, the young, the exploited and the unlucky.

I report regularly on and welcome views at annblack50@ / 07956 637958.

Ann is Secretary of Oxford East CLP and a member of UNISON and Open Labour.

Christine Shawcroft

Christine Shawcross Grassroots Centre Left CandidateAs a longstanding supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, I was delighted by his election and welcome the new and returning members who have joined since last May. For too long, the Party has accepted Tory parameters of debate, with predictable and dire consequences at the last two General elections. Now we have to reframe the political argument – oppose austerity, challenge racism and Islamophobia, challenge the demonization of working people, support defence diversification and oppose Trident renewal, and defend public services and welfare. Practically everyone receives some kind of benefits at some time in their lives, that doesn’t make us scroungers!

Christine was a councillor for 13 years and is a member of Nottingham South CLP.

Darren Williams

Darren Williams Grassroots Centre Left CandidateJeremy Corbyn’s election showed that Labour’s members and supporters want a bold, radical platform that presents a clear alternative to Tory austerity. To consolidate his victory and turn Labour around, we need to open up the party to genuinely democratic policy-making and accountability and we need an NEC committed to change. In 26 years’ active party membership, I have consistently campaigned for greater democracy and socialist policies. I’ve held office at branch, CLP and all-Wales levels and served on the party’s National Policy Forum for five years. I’m a full-time officer for the PCS union and a Cardiff city councillor.

Darren is a member of Cardiff West CLP.


Rhea Wolfson

Rhea Wolfson Grassroots Centre Left CandidateBritain needs a Labour Party that can deliver a confident and credible democratic socialist agenda; an alternative to the inequality of conservatism and the inertia of nationalism – with fairness and equality at its heart. Labour must be the party that stands against austerity and it needs to be strong and united. I will work to empower members, local parties, and activists; to fight for a more democratic party to deliver change – and ultimately victory.I am Women’s Officer of Scottish Young Labour, a member of the Young Labour National Committee & a full- time GMB Scotland branch secretary.  I was previously President of Oxford University Jewish Society & Secretary of London Young Labour.

Rhea is a member of Almond Valley (Scottish Parliament) CLP.

Claudia Webbe

Claudia WebbGiven the Tory government’s attack on the poor, Labour needs to win the next General Election, with Jeremy Corbyn and our strong support. Jeremy’s platform and popularity is based on a clear anti- austerity message – a firm break with the previous consensus. I reject divisive, negative politics. We must challenge concentrations of power, inequality and social injustice. As an equalities grassroots campaigner, I’ve been a progressive voice; championing civil liberties, challenging racism, opposing the scapegoating of migrants and refugees, standing up for trade union rights and defending public services and council house-building.

Tel: 07973 816885

Email: Twitter: @claudiawebbe

Claudia is a councillor & cabinet member. She is a member of Islington South and Finsbury CLP.

Peter Willsman

Peter WillsmanI am privileged to be an NEC member, serving our members to the best of my ability. Since 1981 I have uniquely served on all four of our Party’s national committees.We must all unite behind Jeremy and build for victory in 2020. I worked with Jeremy in NUPE. Jeremy’s dedication and integrity is exceptional. The Oldham by-election was a better result (share of the vote) than 1997. My record proves I have the necessary energy, enthusiasm and commitment to play a full part on the NEC as we build for 2020.

Peter is a member of Oxford East CLP.

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