Care for Elderly in Swanley being Privatised

Saving & Profiteering from Elderly Residents

Approximately 600 to 700 Swanley elderly residents, or those with a serious, medical condition, will be subject to a change of providers in the next 6 months.

Lifeline provide the service at the moment.  The alarm is installed in the home of patient’s residence and when tripped the ‘service provider’ sends a paramedic/ambulance to the relevant address.

Upon the expiry of the notification period[ 6 months], the new provider will take over unless the resident opts for keeping the original provider.  Charges are up in the air.  May be this or that.  If a new provider is chosen then installation charges will figure.

Tory government funds are withdrawn and it’s sink or swim time.

Another  salami tactic being used by this Tory government is the referral of diabetic patients to local profit organisations for annual eye check-up.  For some it may be cheaper( bus/train fares) or car expenditure on fuel.  But rather than seeing a registar or consultant eye specialist the patient will be examined by a ‘nurse’ or optician.

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