Brief history of Tory Governmnet Failure

Theresa May – Heart of Failing Government

The news from the Tory leadership contest today that we will now have a coronation of Theresa May as Prime Minister is not good for working people.

People want a Government that can deliver for them and their families, but Theresa May’s record is one of failure. She has been at the heart of this failing Tory Government for the last six years — a Government that has failed working people.

Teresa May Marching with Police Officers
Power Marching

She backed David Cameron and George Osborne’s cuts agenda to the hilt. She has endorsed every single Tory policy that has damaged our vital public services, including the NHS.

Theresa May today called for an economy that works “not for a privileged few but for every one of us”. This is a shameless pitch from someone who has been part of a Government that has cut taxes for millionaires, while putting up VAT for everyone else.

And what about Theresa May’s own record as Home Secretary? On her watch police forces have seen their funding cut by £2.3 billion, with the loss of 18,000 police officers and 5,000 community support officers.

The truth is Theresa May offers more of the same failed approach that we’ve had from the Tories for the last six years.

Working people deserve better — only a Labour Government will stand up for them and their families.

Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Ashworth MP
Shadow Minister without Portfolio

Swanley & District Labour Party says: Theresa May backed Tory tax cuts for millionaires while hiking up VAT and making ordinary people pay more. She supported the cruel and unfair Bedroom Tax, as well as cuts to Tax Credits that families rely on. And while she promised Sure Start centres would be safe, under her Government there are 700 fewer than in 2010.

Theresa May can’t hide from David Cameron’s record – because it’s her record too.

Read Jon Ashworth MP’s article and if you agree, pass it on

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