Close up of over grown grass verges

Swanley Town Council Full Meeting

On Wednesday 6th July, 7.30pm at the Alexandria Suite, St. Mary’s Road, Swanley there will be a Full council meeting.

Swanley & District Labour Party is urging residents to attend. There are a whole range of issues that need to be addressed. Possible questions include:

  • What were the reasons for the town Council surrendering the Grass Cutting contracts with KCC and SDC? Upon reflection of the very poor stand of work of current cuts, does the Council regret its decision in pulling out of this activity, which did so much to enhance the appearance of the Town?
  • Why has Tony Searles resigned as leader of Swanley Town Council?
  • Could the Council give an update on the sale of the Woodlands?
  • Recent figures have shown the reserves of the Council has declined in the region of £500,000. Where did this money go?
  • Why did it take so long for Swanley Town Council to replace the software that they say has caused financial problems?
  • On the current accounts published, it showed that there was a Budget of £25,000 to be spent of “Professional Fees”  £162,340 was spent, an overspend of £137,340 above budget. Where did this extra money go and  why were officers the Council allowed to over spend by this amount without the knowledge of a the full council?

Please come & defend your communities.

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