The Wishes of Broom Hill Residents Swept Aside

The wishes of the Residents of Beechenlea Lane were swept aside by the planning Inspector on 27 June when he approved the building of 61 new dwellings behind their homes. The only access to the new estate being via the narrow Beechenlea Lane.

Two letters, same address

At the hearing it was claimed that councillors at Sevenoaks District were not given the report of their Environmental Health Officer prior to making their decision. This omission was used, by the appellant, to undermine the councils defence. The reasons for this error need to be fully investigated as it is most unusual to commission a report and then proceed without that evidence.

At the 3 day hearing it was noted that the Property Developers’ Barrister and the Spokesman for the Sevenoaks Council both shared the same premises at the Francis Taylor Building, was that just a coincidence?

Angela George
Swanley & District Labour Party.

5 thoughts on “The Wishes of Broom Hill Residents Swept Aside

  1. Surely it can’t be correct that the representative for the developers and the spokesman for Sevenoaks council both use the same premises in the Temple?
    Obviously there could be no dodgy dealings, but people might THINK a deal had been done!
    It doesn’t surprise me the environmental report went missing, as this site which is right next to the M25 must be an ecological disaster. More deaths due to pollution in Swanley? Where is the report? And where is Swanley council on this?

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  2. I find it difficult to believe that the Labour party appear to be against the building of new homes when there is such a shortage of new homes in Swanley, When Labour controlled the Town Council many years ago the policy was to allow new homes except in the green belt


  3. At a former appeal about housing on this site which is “open land” – previously green belt (how did that happen?), the Sevenoaks committee chairman said the land was an” important open space which provided a visual separation of urban Swanley from the M25″, and it was the Councils policy to improve open space provision in Swanley.
    Incidentally, the article gives no views on the housing development itself, only on the flawed process of the missing environmental report.

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  4. This article is not about the Labour Party stance on the building of homes. It’s about the hearing and what happened; and my observation.


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