Jeremy and new Shadow Cabinet Laughing and holding placards

Unite Against the Tories


At a time when all Labour should be united against the common foe – the Conservative Party and use the referendum result to bring them to heel, it is surprising that they have resorted to building a website called with the sole aim of gathering support to whip up votes against their party leader.

It is surprising and shameful that members of a party can become packs of hounds with the goal of destroying their leader who was democratically elected by an overwhelming majority of members of the Labour party.

So it all boils down to a few members stirring up mutiny and fermenting a labour civil war. And this will be the new trend of democracy to rule the Labour party : it just takes a few disgruntled members to fan the fire of discontent and, voila, a leadership challenge is fermented.

Labour should be relishing in bringing the tories down and use the tory leadership elections to show up the tories for what they are. But no, we decide to pull Labour apart at the seams, destroy Labour chances of unity and plunge the party into civil war.

Is this really the way forward and at WHAT PRICE????

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