Portait of Jeremy Corbyn

Rally For Jeremy

WHEN JEREMY CORBYN was elected leader
with an overwhelming mandate by Labour’s
members we knew that the establishment
would throw everything at him and use
every device possible to undermine him. If
someone comes along to challenge the
system, it should come as no surprise that
the system will strike back to defend itself.
The establishment was left reeling at
the massive vote Jeremy gained.
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Jeremy and new Shadow Cabinet Laughing and holding placards

Unite Against the Tories

  At a time when all Labour should be united against the common foe – the Conservative Party and use the referendum result to bring them to heel, it is surprising that they have resorted to building a website called http://www.savinglabour.com with the sole aim of gathering support to whip up votes against their party leader. It is surprising and shameful that members of a … Continue reading Unite Against the Tories