Close up of over grown grass verges

What is going on at STC?

Tory led Swanley Town Council really would be a comedy show – the Fawlty Towers of local Government – if the results were not so serious. After trying to censor Swanley & District Labour Party website they had a bizarre full council meeting. Here, it became evident that they were also fighting amongst themselves.

In a recent post we described how STC was leaving Swanley in a mess. Swanley is increasingly coming to look like a ghost town, unkempt and uncared for.

We have since seen our grass verges cut – although cut does not seem the appropriate word! They have been vandalised in the most appalling way. Indeed, they looked better wild and overgrow than they do with this terrible, rushed and unprofessional cut.

The Tories have failed to publish the annual audit for the council as we reported. It now seems that on Monday 20th  June all the STC workers walked out. After laughable Tory attempts to accuse Swanley & District Labour Party of  bullying workers, it is the Tories who are facing allegations of  harassing workers by the employees themselves. On top of that the former Tory leader of the STC is hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

What an earth is going on? The Tories have failed to respond to requests for information.

There is a council meeting on Wednesday 22nd June at 7.30pm at the Alexandria Suite. We urge all residents who care about Swanley and are able to come to meeting to join Labour in raising serious questions about what is being done to our town.

Tory incompetence is now reaching such staggering proportions that they should consider resigning for the benefit of the residents of Swanley. Running a Town council requires so much more than councillors looking after their own interests. It is time for change.

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