Another Europe - Remain and Reform

Tonight I’m going to be taking part in BBC One’s EU Referendum: The Great Debate, live from Wembley. I’ll be talking about why I believe working people in Britain are better off remaining members of the European Union – to defend hard-won workers’ rights and to preserve and grow good jobs in our export-led industries.

If you can, please do tune in and listen to the arguments on both sides. It’s being broadcast on BBC One from 8pm to 10pm tonight (Tuesday), and livestreamed here. You’ll be able to join in the debate on Twitter at #BBCdebate and let us know what you think.

And whatever your opinion, please don’t forget to go out and cast your vote on Thursday.

You might be totally fed up with the campaign by now (It seems like it’s been going for ever) but this is the biggest political decision many of us will have to make in our lifetimes. What we decide on Thursday is going to affect us, our kids and their kids. And it’s important as many of us have a say in the result as possible.

In solidarity,

Frances O’Grady,

TUC General Secretary

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