It’s the poor that will suffer

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I  agree with Ken Clarke on what is wrong with this EU Referendum – on this his view is balanced and sensible – It is the most serious decision for our country and is going to affect all of us, but more especially the young, to whom we have a responsibility. The rich will survive whatever happens, the less well off will suffer.

This is a heartfelt plea- Please research the details for yourselves before you vote and don’t let the ridiculous claims on both side deter you from voting IN!

In an interview with the Observer, Kenneth Clarke, a former Tory chancellor and a strong supporter of remaining inside the EU, criticised both campaigns for making overblown claims, which he said had left much of the electorate “angry and confused”. Clarke said a referendum on such a complex and important matter should never have been called and that the result was more uncertain than the Scottish referendum in 2014 had ever been. The outcome was now “in the lap of the gods”.

Taking aim at the Remain camp, led by David Cameron, Clarke said it had “dramatised” Treasury reports which suggested Brexit would have serious negative effects on the economy.

But he was far more damning of the Leave camp, headed by his Tory colleagues Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, which he said had echoed the “bigotry and prejudice” of Nigel Farage. Its leaders, he suggested, had voiced opinions that he felt they did not truly hold, particularly on immigration.

Clarke added: “People have not been impressed by the campaigning. They do feel they don’t know enough about it. And they are slightly uncertain as to which way to vote.”

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