STC Leaving Swanley in a Mess!

Grass Verges Overgrowing
Uncut Grass Verges

You could not have failed to notice that nearly all the grass verges and in other grassed areas in the town have not been cut for a long, long time.

Swanley has always been a town that has prided itself in its appearance, winning the south East In Bloom competition under the Labour Administration and always having well kept public open spaces and grass verges.

The deterioration is the result of Tory Council penny pinching.

In order to save you a few pence on your Council Tax Bill they decided to renege on their grass cutting contracts with Sevenoaks District Council and Kent County Council.

They did this with little or no notice, giving SDC (Swanley District Council) and KCC (Kent County Council) no chance to find a company to replace them.

The result is the mess that we have in our grass verges today.

Close up of over grown grass verges
Overgrown grass verges all over Swanley.


More seriously the hard working Parks Staff have less work to do and many will probably lose their jobs.

Is this what you want for Swanley, please let us know? You can also send  us your photos of overgrown grass verges and other cutbacks that are making a mess out of Swanley.


Michael Hogg

Labour Town Councillor

8 thoughts on “STC Leaving Swanley in a Mess!

  1. I have lived in Swanley for 35 Years and I have never seen the Town look such a mess, as I have said before the Tories could not run a bath.


  2. It’s a disgrace out there. Where verges are but there are large clumps of cut grass laying on the ground. These will not be able to rot down quick enough before it grows up again. It’s such a shame to see and experience the sad state of affairs in Swanley, the Tories running us into the ground, selling off heritage buildings and generally trying to be bigger than the law. Can we have a vote of no confidence?


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