A Fair Start for Everyone

Picture of Kevin Flack campaigning
Kevin Flack Sevenoaks Constituency Labour Party Chairperson.

Kevin Flack, Chairperson of Sevenoaks Constituency Labour Party, has stated that Sevenoaks School’s decision to double the number of bursaries and scholarships offered to disadvantaged pupils over the next five years is fundamentally flawed.

Kevin said to the Sevenoaks Chronicle reporter:

We will only get a level playing field for all when the wonderful facilities at Sevenoaks School are open to everyone, not just those who can spare up to £33,000 a year to pay for it. A few scholarships simply won’t make a difference, they are just window dressing.”

“In the Labour Party we believe everyone should be given a fair start in life – and not be able to buy a privileged head start. So, however hard private schools try – and they should be commended for trying – their efforts are never going to be a substitute for a level playing field for all our children.”

In our society those who need the most help get the least, and those who have so much get even more. The injustices in our education system can only be tackled when every child is able to develop to the full their talents and potential.

The full article can be read online here: Sevenoaks Chronicle


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