Britain is better off in the EU

Crowds Celebrating Labour Victory in Europe

Today I joined the Shadow Cabinet to share a single, simple message:

Britain is better off in the EU.

This is a vote for many of the things we stand for: for jobs, for rights at work and for our NHS.

That’s why the Labour movement stands together in its support for a vote to Remain next Thursday. Take a look below then share this video to make our message heard:

This is the biggest choice in a generation. It’s a choice which puts jobs, workers’ rights, the economy and the NHS on the ballot paper. If Britain leaves then these would be at risk and working people would have less protection from a Tory Government which has shown it won’t stand up for them.

By voting to Remain we will be in a much stronger position to fight for the Labour values we all believe in.


Jeremy Corbyn
Leader of the Labour Party

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