Boris Johnson on a leash

Bojo – Good Stand Up – but a Dangerous & Underhand Politician


Boris Johnson very cleverly roused emotions and, among others, made 3 glaringly incorrect claims in the EU Referendum debate last night. My take on these claims is below but see the BBC’s Reality Check for the facts behind both side’s claims:

  1. Re Turkey- it is nowhere near joining the EU as it has 35 conditions to meet which will take decades but if it does meet them eventually we should welcome the fact that the membership of the EU influences countries with poor records on eg. Human rights, to develop and improve standards!
  2. The amount we send to the EU which is a very small percentage of Govt spending – I am not going to repeat the sum he claims as it is a deliberate ploy of his to ensure that it is repeated as often as possible so that it is the only sum remembered!
  3. As to whether our Supreme Court judges can overrule the European Court of Justice – he mentioned the case of Abu Hamza’s daughter in law. The U.K. Judge made the decision on the basis of Human Rights for her child ( these rights would stay in place even if we Leave as they have nothing to do with the EU) that she should not be deported. The Advocator General of the European Court of Justice advised that she could be deported if she posed a threat to British Society. Boris knew this was too complicated for Sadiq Khan to clarify within the constraints of a very superficial TV debate  CJ- see

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