STC Tories Imploding

Slogan Swanley Tories in Disarray

The Full Swanley Town Council Meeting on Wednesday 8th June revealed the Tories in disarray. Labour Party members & supporters were there in numbers to show solidarity with their councillors who were supposedly facing disciplinary measures. This was because Swanley & District Labour Party would not take down key pages on their website.

The threats to suspend a Labour Councillor proved to be empty and the Tory Council reported that there could be no suspension of elected councillors.

Instead, it turns out that Councillor Tony Searles has stepped down as the Leader of Swanley Town Council because he is facing allegations of sexual harassment from an employee. He is also hitting the headlines for other reasons.

Sevenoaks Chronicle newspaper clipping of Tony Searles accused of renting out a garage without permission

It does not stop there! Councillor Jim Halford has resigned from the Tories. He refused to sit around the council table and instead sat in the corner of the room, feet on a chair.

Councillor Jim Halford feet on Chair

He stated during the meeting: “I do hate Tony Searles’ guts.” He went on to say “I will explain to people…I have to be honest.” He was warned several times: “Councillor Halford, do not do that.” . Councillor Halford walked out of the room.

The terrible irony here is that while the Tories have been making a whole series of unfounded accusations against Swanley & District Labour Party, their own Leader has been facing allegations from an employee. If the Tories attacked Labour as a strategy to deflect attention away from their own very obvious short comings, it has clearly failed.

It also seems that the audit report is to be delayed for a month, although this was not discussed at the meeting.

This bizarre meeting took another unexpected twist when two representatives from the company U+I turned up to discuss their proposals for the development of Swanley Town Centre.

It seems absurd that this had not been put on the agenda, or publicised on the Swanley Town Council website. Many members of the public would have been very interested in hearing what they had to say.

There are things for the residents of Swanley to be extremely concerned about. The rents are going to be “market plus” and this was stated without any recognition of the financial hardship so many people are now facing.  The whole development seems to be geared towards attracting people with lots of money. We will be posting a detailed report on what they had to say shortly.

A very strange and disturbing meeting.

9 thoughts on “STC Tories Imploding

    1. The Tories are struggling to run a meeting, what chance a Town council, don’t think they could run a bath


  1. Here is the thing with power:it is cunning,sleek and slippery.
    I believe that powerful people should be regarded with deep suspicion, and the more powerful they are, the more they should be challenged – Not minding the intimidation and bullying.If you struggle with that idea, or if you believe that a person should be handed power because of who they are, related to or what race they are, this probably is a sad state.

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  2. did you think you wood be the same why not all work together for the good of swanley insted of slaging the torries of work with them


    1. We have a very different vision of what Swanley can and should be. We never engage in personal politics. Swanley & District Labour Party always focuses on policies. We are opposed to Tower Blocks in the town centre. We want a greener, cleaner, safer Swanley where council houses are built for the people of Swanley and their families, rather than market value plus flats for people who use Swanley to commute to London. Find out more about our policies.


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