Campaigners from across Sevenoaks have formed a group called “Sevenoaks Action for Peace with Justice” and plan to take part in the Public Interest Case Against Trident (PICAT) campaign coordinated by Trident Ploughshares.

The campaign aims to institute a citizen’s prosecution of the Government and specifically the office of the Secretary of State for Defence for breaching international law by its active deployment of the Trident nuclear weapon system. Continue reading SEVENOAKS CITIZENS CHALLENGE TO UK’S NUCLEAR WEAPONS

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Has Jeremy Corbyn been a successful leader?

May 7th 2015- Labour faced the worst electoral result since 1987 and membership of the Labour Party was around 180,000. However, since the election of Jeremy Corbyn, as of today the Labour movement is 515,000 strong (and growing).

In Swanley and the rest of Sevenoaks, membership has also greatly increased and mainly as a result of Jeremy Corbyn (70 new members in one week!). The Labour Party in our local community has not only been strengthened but has become far more prominent in positively affecting people’s lives. Continue reading Has Jeremy Corbyn been a successful leader?

We can’t leave the negotiations with Europe to the Tories

Britain is divided and insecure. Years of destructive austerity and a broken economic model have delivered a country of job insecurity, shortages of affordable housing, agency working, wage undercutting and gaping inequalities.

Since voters decided to leave the European Union, those divisions have grown wider. There has been a spike in racist and xenophobic incidents. Many remain voters feel shellshocked and alienated from those who backed leave. The country now faces economic and political crisis. The government is in disarray. As Labour demanded, George Osborne has had to drop his plan for a job-destroying budget surplus. But none of those seeking to replace David Cameron has any kind of exit plan. Instead, once again, they are planning to make working people pay, with yet more spending cuts and tax rises.

What’s needed instead is leadership and a clear strategy. Continue reading We can’t leave the negotiations with Europe to the Tories

Labour win all 4 Mayor Elections!

Labour have won all four mayoralty contests. Labour is very proud that we have three new Labour mayors in Paul Dennett in Salford, Sadiq Khan in London and Marvin Rees in Bristol – while Joe Anderson was re-elected as the Mayor of Liverpool. Marvin Rees being elected as the Mayor of Bristol is a proud moment for the Labour Party and our country. Simon Woolley, … Continue reading Labour win all 4 Mayor Elections!

Town Centre Development

There is a proposal is to build  a number of  multi-storey buildings in the town centre. The multi-storey buildings will comprise of shops, restaurants and community open space. There will be a number of blocks rising to about eight storeys. There will also be a multi-storey care park consisting of a basement and three floors, topped by several storeys of flats. The main issues are: … Continue reading Town Centre Development