Sevenoaks Action for Peace Update

Cartoon of Sharklike Submarine eating up money from Education & NHS treasure chests.

Sevenoaks Action for Peace with Justice co-ordinator Jim Pragnell has written the following letter to the editor of the Sevenoaks Chronicle following the publication of an article on the action being taken.

Dear Sir,

In his comment on the action being taken by Sevenoaks Action for Peace with Justice, Mr Fallon said that Trident is being used lawfully every day to deter our adversaries. He is wrong on both counts. The Government’s security assessment is that no state currently has both the intent and capability to threaten the independence of the UK. At the moment Trident is not actually deterring anybody. As for being used lawfully, that is wrong also and is the point of our group’s action. The warheads on Trident are capable of destroying a city the size of Moscow. All 12 million civilians in Moscow would be killed and every building flattened for years if not for ever. If this ever happened it would constitute such a monstrous war crime that I would question the sanity of the Prime Minister who ordered it. Successive governments have been equivocal in accepting that nuclear weapons breach international humanitarian law.

Our group therefore has written to the Ministry of Defence and asked Mr Fallon to sign on behalf of the Government a Declaration that it shall not use or threaten to use Trident in such manner as would cause wholesale loss of civilian life and long-term and severe damage to the natural environment, actions that would breach international humanitarian law. Other groups have asked Mr Fallon to sign the same Declaration but in replies seen by me the MoD has refused to do so. But at the same time the MoD maintains that the UK would not use its nuclear weapons contrary to international law, without explaining how on earth it could do this. We want this equivocation to end and hope that the Attorney General will give his consent for our criminal prosecution to proceed in court. The public can then make up its mind whether it wants the Government to carry on threatening a war crime in their name.

Yours faithfully,
Jim Pragnell
Sevenoaks Action for Peace with Justice

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