Labour win all 4 Mayor Elections!

Four Pictures of each Mayor elected.

Labour have won all four mayoralty contests. Labour is very proud that we have three new Labour mayors in Paul Dennett in Salford, Sadiq Khan in London and Marvin Rees in Bristol – while Joe Anderson was re-elected as the Mayor of Liverpool.

Marvin Rees being elected as the Mayor of Bristol is a proud moment for the Labour Party and our country.

Simon Woolley, Director of Operation Black Vote, powerfully stated yesterday:

The symbolism of Marvin winning cannot be overstated. Bristol made its vast wealth in slavery. Slave owners such as Edward Colston have statues and institutions throughout the city. Bristol has for some time struggled with acknowledging its dark past, much less effectively dealing with it. But with Marvin – a descendent of those enslaved – perhaps Bristol takes a truly redemptive step to modernisation. And in doing so Rees becomes not only the first directly elected city mayor of Caribbean-African decent in the UK, but also Europe. Rees’s victory changes British politics forever. This young black man is a worthy role model to inspire millions. This working-class black man has both a vision and plan to unleash potential in the city for everyone.”

Marvin Rees looking out over Bristol Skyline
Marvin Rees

Labour mayors will protect our cities from vicious Tory cuts by building the homes we need and by standing up for our public services.

One thought on “Labour win all 4 Mayor Elections!

  1. Must look after the next generation. With good schools housing and safe place to like and look Family’s give support were needed


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