Labour Success!


It is now clear that Thursday’s elections are showing the real progress that Labour has made since we set a new course last autumn.

  • We’ve increased our vote share since 2015
  • We won the most councillors across the country – more than any other party
  • We were expected to lose lots of key councils – and we didn’t
  • Carwyn Jones has held Wales for Labour
  • We can continue to deliver for the people of Wales
  • Labour has won all 4 Mayoral elections

Labour wants to pay tribute to Kezia Dugdale for running such a principled and energetic campaign in Scotland. We know that convincing the Scottish electorate that it is Labour not the SNP that will stand up for them will take time.

Sadiq Khan won the first Mayoral election for Labour since 2004, smashing a campaign of division from David Cameron’s candidate. They put out more leaflets with pictures of me and Sadiq than they did telling people what they would do for London.

And against all the odds and predictions we’ve won a stunning victory in Bristol with Marvin Rees winning for Labour overwhelmingly. I took the congratulations and thanks of party members everywhere to Bristol today to make sure Marvin knows how delighted we all are.

We congratulate all our successful candidates.

These results are happening as more and more people are coming to see David Cameron’s government as failed and unfair. Our message of hope and opportunity and that Britain is better off with Labour, is really beginning to hit home. Labour is standing up, not standing by.

The need for our work campaigning continues, so today in Manchester Tom Watson began his European referendum tour mobilising members. Tom is travelling around the country as part of our ‘Labour In for Britain’ campaign. To join him find out when there is an event near you.

Over the coming months Labour will be putting forward our vision for Britain. Together, as a party and a movement, we can take the next steps in our campaign to change our country.

Jeremy Corbyn

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