Town Centre Development


There is a proposal is to build  a number of  multi-storey buildings in the town centre. The multi-storey buildings will comprise of shops, restaurants and community open space. There will be a number of blocks rising to about eight storeys. There will also be a multi-storey care park consisting of a basement and three floors, topped by several storeys of flats.

The main issues are:

  • There will be 350 flats almost matching car parking spaces
  • Insignificant increase in the parking that exist at present
  • Is there enough parking for residents and shoppers?
  • Developers say residents will probably not have cars!!!

The pressure on the local roads schools, health services etc., are recognised but any solution would not be the responsibility of the developer. This pressure will be compounded with the Broom Hill, United House and the Working Mans’ Club developments.

The flats are being built for young professionals moving into the area, mainly for rent with a proportion being supposedly “affordable”.

This will not be a solution to the worrying trend of Swanley youngsters not able to set up home in the town. There is no plan to provide any social housing as the Tories say that there is “adequate social housing in Swanley.”

Visit the website of the developers to get a picture of the proposed development:

Swanley Town Development Proposal

It will be very interesting to know your views.

Do the people of Swanley want this sort of high rise development in the town?

Would you support a request to the Town Council to hold a public meeting explaining the proposed developments and its impact on the residents of Swanley? We would want to ensure that such a meeting  enabled residents to ask questions and make comments.

Please give your response in the form below.

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