Labour Remain

The corporate media are refusing to give air time to Labour’s case for Another Europe because they are terrified it could help encourage the growth of socialist ideas.

Labour wants to establish a European socialist movement to tackle problems working class people across Europe are facing such as climate change, the refugee crisis and attacks on workers rights. Continue reading Labour Remain

Labour Success!

A great result for Labour in local council by-election Stapenhill, East Staffordshire. Well done to Craig Jones and Chris Bloore for all his hard work. The Labour vote was up by 12.5%! This and the other results show just how electable Labour is! UKIP loses another council by-election making it 7 out of nine losses since General Election 2015. Meanwhile 19 Police Forces are investigating … Continue reading Labour Success!

Another First for Swanley

Congratulations to our new mayor Shanker Gaire, the first Mayor from Nepal to hold this office in the political history of the U.K ! Cllr Gaire was was elected to Swanley town council in 2015 and represents Christchurch ward. Cllr Gaire has lived in the UK since 1994, and brings with him a wealth of experience from Nepal, and is a member of a number … Continue reading Another First for Swanley

Letter to STC Chief Executive Officer

Dear Ms Pilbeam, I understand from Councillor Mike Hogg that you have a number of concerns about Swanley & District Labour Party’s Website, Facebook Page, and Twitter Account. I would be grateful if you could detail these concerns in writing. It has also come to my attention that serious accusations have been made against Labour Party members. Please detail these accusations and the evidence you … Continue reading Letter to STC Chief Executive Officer

No to Tory increases in Tuition Fees

Fight Increase in Tuition Fees

The Labour Party will fight this injustice with everything we have.

It’s the latest unjust act from David Cameron’s failed and unfair Tory Government.

Today we are launching a nationwide campaign to fight Tory plans to increase tuition fees. We are a movement, and we need to build the strongest opposition to this tax on the next generation. Continue reading Fight Increase in Tuition Fees

Newspaper article reporting legal challenge

Sevenoaks Citizens Legal Challenge Covered in Local Press

Campaigners from across Sevenoaks have formed a group called “Sevenoaks Action for Peace with Justice” and plan to take part in the Public Interest Case Against Trident (PICAT) campaign coordinated by Trident Ploughshares.

The campaign aims to institute a citizen’s prosecution of the Government and specifically the office of the Secretary of State for Defence for breaching international law by its active deployment of the Trident nuclear weapon system. Continue reading Sevenoaks Citizens Legal Challenge Covered in Local Press