Masterplan Update

Sevenoaks D.C.  have issued an update on the Masterplan being proposed for Swanley. Approximately 1500 people attended the drop in sessions , and the main issues raised so far appear to be ;

  • New affordable homes , family homes & retirement homes
  • Some residents wanted no new homes at all
  • More health facilities
  • Reduction of traffic congestion
  • Modernise Swanley rail station
  • Better access to town centre
  • Better variety of shops and restaurants
  • Improvements to the “gateway” to Swanley
  • Residents wanted to keep leisure facilities & open spaces

The Draft of the masterplan will now be published in the late summer or early autumn, when residents will again be asked to comment on the proposals.

The owners of Swanley centre, U+I, have a webpage where residents can make comments and also read comments of others.  Details of the company are also available, as is information on their previous projects. Find the page at:

It is important for residents to comment to Save Our Rec and Leisure facilities at White Oak. Most comments from Swanley residents on this page appear to object to the parking charges introduced two years ago, other comments ask for a greater variety of shops.

Swanley Working Mens Club is due to be demolished , and the work is due to start  this Monday (11th April). The stained glass window and clock on the front of the club and 2 stone plaques  are to be removed and put on display at Hextable Heritage Centre.

This post is an update on  Swanley Masterplan post.

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