A street view of the Working Man's Club in Swanley

Progress or Tory Vandalism?

Four iconic buildings in in Swanley have either been left to decay or have recently demolished by the Tories.

The Woodlands. A former school, and for many years a popular entertainment centre was closed by the Town Council and has been left to become more and more derelict. The secret attempt for to sale the site and building fell through, leaving the site in a derelict state. It is now going to cost the Council thousands of pounds to keep it secure.

The Working Men’s Club. This building was bought by the District Council well over a year ago to be demolished to make way for exclusive flats to rent. It has just been demolished, leaving an unsightly scene surrounded by hoardings. The District announced that there no immediate plans to develop the site. they have not even commissioned an architect. To make it look pretty, they are going to put some pictures of Swanley on the Hoardings.

The CAB Building next to the Club. A year ago the District Council evicted the CAB from this former bank in order to develop the site it shares with Working Men’s Club. the site will not be developed in the near future and the CAB is homeless.

Meeting Point. The Meeting Point Club, run by Age Concern were evicted from their home in the High Street, well over a year ago. People who used to go there for lunch, now go to an isolated centre near Brands Hatch, whilst their former home lies empty. There are no plans published to develop this site.

It seem that the Tories want to destroy the character of Swanley by demolishing and neglecting our iconic buildings. It may appear that they are inflicting more damage to Swanley than Hitler ever did.

Where is their next target??

Lets have your thoughts.

Labour Cllr Mike Hogg

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