Picture of Swanley Town Council Offices

Swanley Town Council Meetings

There are two meetings that you may wish to attend next week

Tuesday 6th September, Meeting Postponed.

This meeting has now been postponed. Swanley Town Council Development Control Committee was due to be discussing the planning application to develop the Town Centre, including a multi storey car park and high rise luxury flats.

On Friday 2nd September we were informed that the meeting fixed for the 6th September to discuss the Town Centre Development has been postponed until a later date.

The Development Control committee shall Meet as usual on Wednesday 7th September.

It is hoped that it is not due to Swanley & District Labour Party publicising the meetings!

Wednesday 7th September, 7.30pm Civic Centre

Full meeting of Swanley Town Council. Here is your chance in public question time to ask about the Woodlands, Grass Verges, Staffing problems, council finances and any other issues that affect the town.

Come along to see the Council in action.

There is a Public Question Time and you may wish to put a question to the Leader of the Council about the current state of Swanley.

You could ask about:

  • the financial state of the Council
  • the deteriorating public environment in Swanley
  • the Town Centre tower blocks
  • the future of Swanley Banqueting
  • the Olympic
  • the staffing situation
  • or anything else you feel strongly about.

A good turnout will keep the Tories on their toes.


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