No blocks for Swanley

While the residents are away!

In the next few days Swanley & Hextable residents will receive a letter from Sevenoaks District Council outlining very broad proposals to develop luxury tower blocks, a multi storey car park and retail/commercial floor space in Swanley Town Centre. Residents must reply by August 23rd, which is the closing date for any comments. Sevenoaks District Council has sent the letter out in the most popular month for people taking their holidays. Continue reading While the residents are away!

Working Men's Club getting knocked down.

The Working Men’s Club Site

The Working Mens Club closed in May 2014 and was left to become derelict. In February 2015 it was bought by Sevenoaks District Council for £1.25 million with a promise to develop the site for housing and shops. Since that time the club has been demolished, along with the fine former CAB building next door. The site remains a vacant site and an eyesore. Continue reading The Working Men’s Club Site

Emma Dent Coad celebrating after election victory announced.

Who’d have thought it?

As election results go, the Labour result for the Kensington constituency is up there with the greats. As if taking Canterbury wasn’t enough, the voters in Kensington had the audacity (and the good sense) to dump the standing ivory loving Tory, and elect Emma Dent Coad, well known for her work in the area as a Councillor and planning committee member. Continue reading Who’d have thought it?